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Places to Buy Sarees in India

There are so many places from where to buy sarees, whether for wedding, special occasions or just casual wear. This beautiful garment is being worn not just across India as preferred attire, but also around the world. It is also being worn by everyone, from lady designers to influential politicians and leaders around the globe.

Here are top places from where to buy sarees in India:

1. Benaras: Here, you get some of the best hand loomed silk sarees an Indian bride can have on his great day. They are made in the city of Varanasi and among the finest type of sarees world over.      
They feature a gold and silver zari or brocade work, and are made with finest silk
They are known for their gold and silver zari or brocade work, and feature intricate and opulent designs woven from finest silk.

You can find inspirations by the Mughal designs (jhallar - upright leaves and the kalga and bel -- floral motifs). The other type is pallu, which is created by silk, gold or silver threads. Tanchoi, Jangla, Cutwork, Butidar and Vaskat varieties are made from silk, organza and georgette.

The Ikkat sarees online and handloom silk sarees can be found in Chowk, Godoulia Market (Dashswamedh Gali) and Vishwanath Gali as the main markets.

2. Chennai: You can shop for the beautiful Kanjivaram saree in Tamil Nadu. These handloomed silk sarees are weeved by two people using three shuttles.

The saree also features a wide range of patterns including the moons, suns, chariots, animals, birds, mango motifs and leaves.

You also get the pallu and border, which contrast the Kanjivaram saree in color. Usually very heavy and worn on special occasions, pallu and border are woven from gold thread with the silk.
Chennai also offers cotton and synthetic sarees from weavers from across India.  

Some of the places to shop for Ikkat sarees online and handloom silk sarees in Chennai include the T. Nagar, which has famous shops like Nalli, Kumaran Silks, Sree Kumaran Stores, Chennai Silks, RmKV, Kumaran Silks and Nalli.

3. Kota: This is the place to go if you need the Doria Ssaree. This saree is woven on a traditional pit loom and it has a square check pattern on the fabric. The yarn is strengthened or sized by a juice mixture of onion juice and rice.  

The cotton Doria sarees is great for summer although they also contain cotton.
Visit the Main Bazaar and the Government Emporia.

Other places to shop sarees include Kolkata (New Market and the Dakshinapan Shopping Complex) where they sell white cotton saree (worn at the time of Durga Puja but also preferable for Bengali woman’s wardrobe). Other types of sarees frm this are the Tassar, Vishnupuri silk and Tant Cotton Saree.

Mysore is the place to go if you are searching for sarees of different varieties and colors. 70 percent of India's mulberry silk is produced here.

Visit the Devaraj Urs Road to shop Badsha’s Saibeen Silks, Sukri’s Silks and Menaka Silks. You can also get sarees from Kanjivarams,

Pochampallis and Banarasi, including embroidered and Banarasi.  

Head off to KR Circle's The State Emporium and Bhojayya Shilpa Silks for the best ethnic collection of sarees.

Happy shopping for Ikkat sarees online and handloom silk sarees!

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